Tricks to Teach In order for Students Interested and Motivated

I’m actually not a teacher, but the only one who likes to share knowledge even just a little. Since high school, I’m used to share knowledge. The first time I share my knowledge in the “large amount” is when I exchanged knowledge with my high school teacher.

I call exchanging knowledge because he taught me the lesson of physics (because he was not my class teacher) and I taught him to use a computer. At that time computers were still a rare commodity that only a few people can and by chance I was the lucky. From experience many times become counselors in training blog, Linux, marketing and also sits as a student, I then set the standard on how to teach it. For loans tips, you can see in

Teaching was horizontal, not vertical

Horizontal nature of teaching which means we put ourselves together as a tutor high with our students. We speak as the first to know, not smarter. We transfer knowledge and not giving science. I often say like this after the introduction:

“I stand before you all not because I’m smarter than you, but only because I knew this prior knowledge than you. Maybe someday among all of you there is more to understand the science of this than I am. I strongly believe this will be it. “

The above statement has been encouraging students to be more relaxed and enjoy being with you. If the class was relaxed and enjoyable, easy lesson given. In giving lessons, suppose we were telling us about the experience so that any science that does not seem creepy.

Teaching that provide motivation

In teaching, always give motivation to our students. Motivation can be done on the whole time, but there are times the best.

Motivation at the first meeting

For this I trace my first elementary school teacher, she was a science teacher grade 2. At the first meeting, he carries a picture of Thomas Alva Edison and place it in front of the class and tells the story of Thomas Alva Edison. When I grade, I saw my teacher was doing similar things in my younger classes. Yes, at least for children grade 2 elementary school, the story of Edison was inspiring.

Motivation in the middle of a lesson

I used to give a gift to those who can do something that I assigned in the middle of class. I copied from my junior high school biology teacher. The reward can be food or drink and sometimes stationery. Reward could adjust to the needs. Perhaps to be school teachers with homework promised freedom to those who can answer questions. Well, things like that, depending on how creativity and circumstances.

Motivation at the end of the lesson

For this I follow the example of the TV show that featured a glimpse before the commercial break. I used to give a preview of the next lesson in the exciting part before the class ends. It makes our students to follow the spirit of our next class. Curious is the weapon to make her class teacher be in demand by students.

And do not forget, as a teacher you must be a person who can convince us that they are great students. We must be able to convey to them that they certainly can do anything as long as it seeks well. It can we take to avoid sentences that lowers confidence in themselves. I myself found no fool, just have a different understanding.

Teaching that provide examples

A high school teacher of mine once told that “teach what you can, not what you know”. That is what we teach is something that we should understand and can do. Do it by example. When training, I am more of an example and direct practice so that students understand and not only imagined in the mind. Therefore, as teachers we have to understand the concept of a thing that is taught. Understanding the concept would make us easy to give any examples and solve the problems that may be faced by the students.

The things above are just a few of what good teaching. Aside from teaching experience, my experience as a student sitting of childhood to adulthood also affect the conclusions about how should a teacher was teaching.