Tips For Outdoor Survival Eating

The key components in outdoor survival include more than just the bare basics of shelter and a pack of matches. If you want to really enjoy the wilderness as much as possible, you will need to put together an outdoor survival kit made up of gear that is sturdy, useful, and easy to transport. Keeping yourself fed and hydrated is essential, so that needs to be a key part of your survival kit. The list below will cover some of the key food components that any outdoor enthusiast will want to have in their outdoor survival equipment arsenal.

One of the most essential things to remember in any time that you spend outside is that clean drinking water is a top priority. It’s a bigger priority than food, in fact. The human body can live several weeks without food, but the body can only survive for three days maximum without fresh water. Of course, just any water won’t work: You have to make sure that the water is potable, thus it is enormously helpful to keep some water purification tablets in your outdoor survival kit. Even if a lake happens to look sparkling clear, it is never wise to take chances. Purify any water you plan to drink. It takes only seconds and it could be the difference between serious illness and feeling great.

Obviously, it is still important to have some food sources on hand as well: Many outdoor lovers enjoy bringing along easily portable items like protein bars or granola bars. Look for food that can function as a full meal, with plenty of protein to keep you well energized, instead of high sugar bars that are really only dressed up candy bars.

You may plan to cook outdoors, but even if you don’t, it is smart to have a compactable cooking pot on hand in case you have to catch your food. As long as it is big enough to boil a fish or small animal in, it will usually work well. If you are looking to build up a full stock of gear for surviving outdoors, you can typically find everything that you need online. It’s easy to order and have it delivered direct to your door in plenty of time for your next great adventure in the wild.