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Your philosophy of education strongly influences what type of teacher you want to turn out to be: the content material you choose, the teaching techniques you will use, and the criteria you use to analyze, reflect on, and enhance your teaching. Given that it is the objective of Christian education to create redeemed man in the image of God, Christian educators should point students to the original of this image, God Himself. But the information of God that is distinctive to Christian education is a private expertise that begins with repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and develops through obedience to and communion with God.

It follows that with out a student physique composed mainly of students possessing this personal understanding of God, no college can legitimately be regarded as a Christian educational institution. The Christian school is concerned that the manner, no significantly less than the matter, of its teaching be constant with the objective of Christian education: conforming the student to the image of God in Christ.

Therefore, the educational procedures and vehicles of Christian education in the Christian college need to adhere to Biblical instance and norms. The Christian educator finds Biblical warrant for the use of a wide diversity of educational methods. Education normally happens informally (usually completely by likelihood) and can occasionally come about by style.

No quantity of carefully prepared educational components, nevertheless essential they may possibly be as tools, can compensate for the lack of a meticulously prepared teacher: 1 who has followed the spiritual and skilled example of his Master. There are many documents about Aesop, his astonishing gift of storytelling, anecdotes and quotes from his life and legendary death.

A single of the excellent things about personal mastery is that it can be applied regardless of whether you want to increase your career, leadership or your organization. I am writing a student handbook for a course in Interactive Inventive Media which is the 1st step towards generating an International Vocational Education and Education atmosphere which prepares students for the challenges of the 21st century and aids them live flourishing lives. A visionary and inspirational Goddard lens with art work and quotes to savor as the 1 from Tagore and numerous from Neville himself. Outstanding, I didn’t know much about Neville Goddard and his teachings and Philosophy…but I do now.