Purchasing Sea Glass Jewelry

I saw a woman at a party a few months ago who had on the most lovely piece of jewelry. I hadn’t seen anything like it before. When I asked her about it she said it was made out of sea glass. I had heard of sea glass somewhere, but never paid attention. However, this beautiful piece made me notice. It was a large turquoise piece of glass, actually it was a rim of a mason jar, that had been made into a pendant. The woman told me the necklace had come with it.

I went home and did an online search for sea glass jewelry. I found several sellers on the website etsy. What amazed me was the different types of jewelry. The more I looked the more I wanted to look. Not only were there different types of wiring of the glass there was also different kinds of glass. Some of the glass was small, white or green or brown. Some pieces were large, like the pendant I had seen at the party.

Luckily theweb site etsy allows shop owners to talk about themselves and their crafts. Also there is a place where buyers can leave feedback about the product and sale.  It took me a few weeks to pick the perfect piece of sea glass jewelry, and I decided to splurge. I purchased a lovely piece of sea glass from the north east coast of England called end of day glass. It is mounted in gold. It’s a piece of handmade jewelry that’s one of a kind that I’ll have forever.