Please Join Us To Defend Our Schools On Thursday March 12!

It seems that former Gotcha Squad attorney Jeffrey Gamils, the lawyer who prosecuted Christine Rubino ,( see here as nicely) is now a Field Supervisor who goes from college to college to observe ATRs. Bloomberg continues this policy only to hide the information that would paint him as a failure on education. Ninety percent of retirees (he’s only speaking about people retiring from professional jobs) have a well being crisis the initial year. When the initial plans do not work, we tend to describe any plan as receiving it out of my method.” What we truly get out of our systems is the myth of retirement as a perpetual vacation.

Retirement does not assure a flow of accomplishment and satisfactions: they can not be supplied in the early stages. They balked at becoming utilized by these with self-interest: e.g. a hospital that saw them as a ready pool of free labor and also at using retired volunteers in approaches that deprived functioning men and women of jobs. When I began seeking for a job 28 years ago in Cambridge, UK there had been tons of jobs around.

Portion of the act of retiring is the act of altering, possibly reversing, the values we have been living by, a slow and difficult procedure that need to commence extended before we place our value method to the test of retirement. I just discovered an e mail I wrote to UFT exec Mike Mendel in September of 2009 about getting a music teacher. In the future, the Education Division plans to offer a number of challenges that tackle distinct education troubles.

We are starting to recognize, as Karl Marx knew, that unfettered and unregulated capitalism is a brutal and revolutionary force that exploits human beings and the natural planet until exhaustion or collapse. If you can not stand the hubris, arrogance, corruption and fraud going on in New York City schools below the path of Michael Bloomberg, the Royal Mayor of our city, come out protest with lots of other parents, teachers and students this Tuesday at the PEP meeting at Brooklyn Tech. And South Elliot Pl. by Fort Greene Park for a mini rehearsal and then go more than to Brooklyn Tech HS at 5:15 for the functionality.

It has come to my consideration that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in the approach of appointing Magazine Executive Cathie Black to replace Joel Klein, who stepped down as Chancellor of the NYC Division of Education. I have also learned that Cathie Black (like Joel Klein when he was appointed) does not meet the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED’s) essential minimum of education and encounter to become Chancellor. Joel, boobala, just due to the fact Obama stated it does not make it so. The single most essential particular person in a child’s education is the parent.