Pearson, ALEC And The Brave New Planet

Pasi Sahlberg , Finnish educator and researcher and a going to professor at the Harvard University School of Education, calls the Global Educational Reform Movement by its initials, GERM It is a fantastic acronym for a global plague and I guess that tends to make Pearson Education its principle carrier. Jewett continues: The student deleted the tweet and we spoke with the parent-who was obviously extremely concerned as to her child’s tweets becoming monitored by the DOE (state education division). Feel about what has happened right here: at least one particular student exercised his appropriate to cost-free expression about essential social concerns — education and testing — right after the administration of his test. I just did some analysis and located a quantity of Supreme Court cases involving privacy of minors.

Twitter monitoring by corporate interests is hardly new, but what Pearson did with the information showed a striking disregard for the U.S. tradition of localized authority in educational matters. Pearson jumped more than the heads of the neighborhood testing coordinator, the school’s principal, the regional superintendent, and went straight to the state DOE — who happily acted as errand boy.

Of course it’s going to have somewhat of a chilling effect on the opt out price – but it is because parents largely do not understand the internet and how to speak to their children about it – NOT due to the fact Pearson is doing something illegal (which some sources would totally have you think). Sorry but in this case, I really feel like if we side with Pearson we ALSO throw out the capability of other entities who monitor social media to take action. Except right here if you side with Pearson then you ignore the larger chilling effects.

I am fairly confident if this went to the Supreme Court it would rule that Pearson has not accomplished something illegal. If it wasn’t the Governor (who has remained silent on this due to Pearson becoming an NJ based organization he demands to keep satisfied) it is got to be the large poor corp. I want to have that discussion although about whether what Pearson did was legal – and as far as I can see it is, and there are a hell of a lot of parents who never get that. The very best things that have occurred in my life are since of my family and education.

His letter sure reads like a sales pitch, and not only is Pearson promoting us their test, they are trying to sell us Alfred himself. Education has always been access to opportunity” for me and has helped shape me as a husband, dad, neighbor, employee, and citizen. My wife and I want our three boys to get wonderful educations that prepare them to earn good-paying jobs and to locate fulfillment in life. Just about each parent knows that so much of future accomplishment depends on access to the very best education achievable. Here’s hoping Pearson meets the very same date as InBloom, an additional corporation driven out of our schools purely by par never outrage.