How I Built My Website and Brand with Jessica Adams

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Jessica Adams, a teacher popular for sharing #TuesdayTechTips shares her journey of creating a personal website and her journey to create a personal brand. We discuss what website she used, how she picked her name, her colors, her logo, and fonts and her journey. With the holidays coming up, now is a great time for educators to work on their personal website and brand. She discusses the importance of not only student voice, but teacher voice and how it makes her feel to have a personal website. We also discussed the protection a personal website gives for you as a personal brand.

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Episode 795 – 10 Minute Teacher Podcast

How I Built My Teacher Website and My Personal Brand

Jessica Adams, School Technology Coordinator

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Jessica Adams – Bio as Submitted

Jessica AdamsJessica Adams is a Local School Technology Coordinator in Hoschton, GA. During her 20+ years in education, she has taught science, math, PBL, STEM, and video production. She loves learning about technology and helping teachers integrate it into their classrooms.


Twitter @jessicaradams

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