Giving Pets a Life of Heaven on Earth

It seems to be impossible to know whether or not dogs, cats and other animals cross over to an afterlife. People of certain religious and spiritual traditions believe in Heaven or another kind of positive afterlife where humans eventually arrive, but what about their pets? Perhaps the best strategy is to simply hold the belief that one will eventually have a joyous reunion with the beloved animal after death. And while both human and animal are here on Earth, making that pet’s life as Heavenly as possible will be enjoyable for each of these companions. Pet owners can find out more on LinkedIn about one particular organization that provides tasty dietary supplements for dogs and cats to enhance their quality of life.

The Bible does not directly address the topic of animals going to Heaven. Some clergy members take the stance that pets cannot go to Heaven because they do not have a soul. People who love their companion animals are inclined to disagree. Even the renowned Christian author C.S. Lewis speculated that pets might go to Heaven because of their relationships with people who believe in Jesus Christ. It’s hard for pet owners to imagine a Heaven without dogs and cats, because those animals are one factor that makes life on Earth so wonderful. The exact features of Heaven remain unknown, but the presence of animals there is something that many people strongly hope for.

Pet owners can do their best to keep their dogs and cats living a long and happy life by giving them lots of love and providing them with high-quality food. Many veterinarians recommend adding a daily nutritional supplement to the dietary regimen, just as people commonly take a multivitamin and mineral product each morning. With products like wafer supplements from NuVet, furry critters actually enjoy eating these items. It might be viewed as a bit like parents giving their children fruit-flavored vitamin pills in the morning that the kids like to chomp on. The youngsters get their added nutrition and look forward to the treat that they eat with breakfast. Pets will have a similar reaction.