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Is College Education Important? The benefits you get from a quality education is far more than whatever assets or things that you can buy with your money. Its value is seen in the way that gives a person importance in that he/she gets equipped to face the real world. Although the basics of math, science, language, and arts are still the foundation of education, present trends and inventions show how far education can be brought in terms of research and development. Math, science, language, and the arts constitute the basics and should be learned by everyone, and from this, building blocks of higher education can be built upon it. People need to get an education in order to make it or survive in today’s world. The benefit one gets from education is that it not only gives you mental growth and development, it also helps you understand what your skills and talents are that you can use for your own betterment, and the good of others at large. And not only to make a living and to help others, education paves the way for greater achievements in terms of research and development, that can lead to valuable discoveries and inventions that will make life in this world easier. With quality education, it paves the way for new discoveries that will give us a better quality of life. Not many people are willing to enter college even if they know there will be benefits and this is because they are skeptical with its returns on the investment put up to have it. Even though there may not be enough job opportunities because of a slowing economy, there is still much value in having quality education. There are many ways by which quality education can be perceived. Some think of education as a ticket to a high paying job opportunity. They see college education as one which qualifies them to have a good job. If this is all you take college education for, you are in for a major disappointment if jobs will be scarce because of economic instability. In the scenario it would seem that a college education is just like throwing your money away. In reality, education is supposed to be an all around training, both in mental skill and actual skills. It is not just for getting employed in a high paying job, it is more of developing you skills so that you will be equipped to use your resources to explore further and discover new areas of growth which not only benefit yourself, but society as well.
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We should not despise college education, because true education is not something merely to have money and a good life, but it is more of equipping yourself to go on a journey of discovery of things that will be beneficial not only to yourself but to many others.A 10-Point Plan for Resources (Without Being Overwhelmed)