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Established in 1950, Your Credit Union began serving members by offering only loans, savings and chequing accounts. I give you funds, and you do a job for me…. Now, you have a union that says, give the cash to the employee even although he doesn’t do a great job… To add insult to injury the employee will give me money month-to-month, and the company has to give me cash on best of that. Nicely I’ve worked union here in Alberta , Canada and make 170,000 a year and only operate mabey eight months a year and neighborhood 146 boilermakers has one of the greatest pension plans here. From what I see is only slugs and losers that cannot do a days job complain due to the fact the union does not want them!

I am a union ironworker when you nonunion workers can function 200 feet in the air on steel beams 8 inches wide or smaller sized covered in snow and ice then u can call me lazy or say the $30.38 per hour i make is as well much. This forces the union workers to have a pension so when they retire they are still paid well through there pension.

Unions say non – union organizations never take vehicle of personnel.. but i have the identical no price insurance coverage, was able to but my girlfriend on my healthcare (no-marriage) have a organization car i take home, they pay my utilities, and profit share every single year. But due to their manditory breaks, taking forever to feel about how to do it, and other bullshitting about it took 4 hours to get it constructed then i nonetheless had to train the staff how operate it. Then the union membership themselves will speak as to the value they obtain from a distinct union. If they decreased their annual salary to even $one hundred,00, they could really decrease the union dues.

And lastly when a union bashes my girl because shes non union at kaiser that just shows unions don’t care about people.. they care for there dues.. acording to them my girl is stealing their jobs… Sorry she was capable to get a job that pays more than your union does with out obtaining to join a union. I also find it funny how the union leadership pays itself so much money that they are in the 1%, and convince their membership they are hunting out for them. This is my very initial job and for the 1st six weeks i had union dues taken out but they dont take them out any longer.

I was an oil man functioning as swamper and driver for the rigs etc.. BUSTING MY HUMP FREEZING MY ARSE AT -40C and now i am a union member and dam proud of it. i function my 40 hrs and get paid very good wages for the top notch work i do. my job is secured and i can retire at 55 if i felt like it HA !!.Reside Better Function UNION !!! A union laborer is paid $38.34 per hour in addition to this my organization has to spend a union stamp of $31.50 per hour. So the total paid for a union laborer per hour is $38.34 to the employee + $31.50 to the union = $69.84 per hour. You’d in no way get these sorts of positive aspects outdoors of a union unless you had been a CEO.