Charter Schools, Pitbull, & Money, Income, Cash

Why would Turner, vice chair of the Senate Education Committee, introduce such legislation? As a person who has been on each sides of the fence I will also give my point of view to what public schools are like and also what private schools are like. Examples of non-religious private schools in Australia involves Melbourne Grammar, Penleigh Essendon Grammar, Mentone Grammar, Haileybury, and Westbourne Grammar College. Schools such as St Kevins, Xavier College, Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) and Methodist Ladies College (MLC) are examples of independent Christian and Catholic Schools. Some of the public schools around Victoria incorporate Essendon Keilor College, Maribyrnong College, Melbourne High, University Higher and Mac Robertson Girls.

The distinct and main difference across all public schools and private schools are usually school charges and rankings on a state level. Some schools claim to have an average ATAR of 95% and higher for all final year students, while some schools are ranked larger on a state level by independent ranking bodies. Other variables taken into consideration consist of the facilities, high quality teaching, better student to teacher ratio and much better school culture and atmosphere just to name a couple of.

These factors play a essential component in the rankings of a school and is often the distinction in between private schools and public schools in Australia. Public Schools such as Essendon Keilor College reported that students in 2014 who satisfactory completed their VCE was 95% (EKC, 2014). Private schools are slightly distinct, they are various simply because not all private schools are co-ed schools such as Methodist Ladies College (MLC) and Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC).

There are also private schools which cater for each boys and girls for instance, Westbourne Grammar and Penleigh Essendon Grammar are each co-ed private schools in Australia. Public schools and private schools create a class system since the enormous school fees in private schools or ‘elite schools’ develop a big divide among the wealthy and poor. Public schools in most cases do not have the crazy and ridiculous school charges like private schools or ‘elite schools’ and is accessible for the low revenue families. What is frequent amongst all private schools is that their school charges are all quiet higher and they all contain levy costs.

On the other hand, elite schools are not accessible for low income households due to the ridiculous college charges and levy fees often necessary by private schools. Even Christian and Catholic Schools have college charges which are quiet higher, this nevertheless creates a great divide in between the wealthy and poor for the struggling low earnings household with 4 little ones it would be very challenging to even go to a decent Christian school.