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Whilst modern day advocates of single-gender education are fast to point out its alleged benefits, the tough evidence supporting the efficacy single-gender education leaves one thing to be preferred. The Federal Bureau of Statistics survey (1999-2000) indicates that there are 36,096 private educational institutions in Pakistan. The most senior civil servant in the Ministry is the Education Secretary assisted by Joint Secretary and Joint Educational Advisors of every wing. There are six wings in the Federal Ministry of Education and every wing is headed by Joint Educational Advisor (please see annex A). The provincial Education Departments are headed by their respective Provincial Education Ministers.

The civil servant in charge of the department is the Provincial Education Secretary. The head of the Education Division in a district is Executive District Officer (EDO). In the Provinces of NWFP and Balochistan, literacy is the element of Education Department. The hierarchy then runs down to the District Education Officer, Sub-district Education Officer, Supervisors or Assistant Sub-district Education Officers (please see Annex B). Education in the final six decades has remained an arena of experimentation, and implementation of divergent, frequently contradictory, policies. It is a peculiar kind of educational philosophy which combines all excellent ideas and principles from various philosophies.

Education program in Pakistan is improving at the greater education level and also focusing on primary and secondary education, but nonetheless it is at the access level whilst there is a excellent demand to increase the top quality of education to prepare our generation for international competition. To elect signifies to choose and choose up. The great tips, concept and principles from a variety of schools of thought have been selected, picked up and blended collectively to make a full philosophy. We reside in such an era when dogmatic adherence to a particular philosophy is foolish and is very harmful.

Although idealism is well-known for its higher and lofty aims of education, pragmatism is popular for its brilliant principles and curriculum, naturalism for its technique of education. Due to eclectic tendency, we discover in contemporary education the influence of all the philosophies and tendencies of education. According to his doctrine of naturalism, Rousseau emphasized youngster-centered education. He tried to correlate education with actual life and uphold the importance of individualism.

Pestalozzi has stated that education is the improvement of the inherent capacities of a kid and as such education should create to the fullest extent the physical, mental and moral capacities of a kid. Soon after Pestalozzi, Herbart declared moral character as an aim of education and emphasizing curriculum building advocated five formal actions of teaching. But we see that sociological tendency in education created out of scientific tendency. According to sociological tendency, education is necessary to develop such socially citizens who do not prove parasite on other people but lead a life of self-reliance.