Why The United States Education Technique Is Failing

Right after Beyoncé informed tens of thousands of individuals that girls run the world” at the Worldwide Citizen Festival , Initial Lady Michelle Obama took to the stage to encourage the audience to take methods to ensure that girls can do just that. What he delivered was a simplistic and unsuccessful three-pronged.financial strategy that largely centered on spending more funds to stimulate the economy, maintaining interest prices low, and offering extended government assistance to individuals who lost their jobs. This statistic runs contrary to what President Obama claimed at the 2012 Democratic Convention he claimed to have created 4.five million jobs but failed to clarify the fact that millions of jobs have been also lost whilst he was president, mainly within the very first couple of months of his presidency. Statistically speaking, President Obama ranks dead final in job creation since the finish of Globe War II, 1945.

Obama’s 2010 spending budget reduce spending 1.8%, 2011 enhanced it four.3% and 2012 will improve it .7% 2013 will minimize it 1.three% (already budgeted) add 1.five% inflation yearly and we get four.three+.7= five. 5- 1.eight-1.3-1.5X3= -two.six% on spending from Obama budgets. From an economic standpoint, George Bush was far much more productive than Barack Obama has been so far.

The ONLY purpose the stock market place is soaring right now is because Ben Bernancke and the Feds produced an open ended promise to purchase 40 billion a month in mortgage bonds and to hold interest prices low via 2015. He just did this at the starting of September – look it up. Obama is the worst President in history based on the economy. I stand behind my statement that economically speaking, Barack Obama is the worst president America has had in several, several decades. Reagan is held accountable for his entire term Barack Obama must be accountable also.

Inflation is not spin it really is a mathematical reality, the truth is that the value of money is reuced by a specific amount each year meaning that Obama has decreased the quantity of wealth spent byt the government each and every year. With all due respect, it seems as if you are browsing for any good financial indicator you can find in order to make the economy look greater than it truly is. The bottom line is that President Obama inherited a undesirable economy and then made it worse. To conclude that Obama is the worst president requires that each and every other president has carried out greater than him.

With all due respect, my hub does not claim that President Obama is the worst president, only the worst president when economics are the sole aspect. I discover it odd that so a lot of folks praise President Obama when he has an accomplishment but then state that failures are not his fault. I am not arguing that Obama must not be held accountable for the present state of the economy. In that Obama should take duty for his actions, we are in comprehensive agreement. It is not feasible for an Obama supporter to prove that he is not the worst president of all time based on the economic evidence cited.