Truly a Person of God

Roberts Liardon can be described as religious leader, Christian Church historians plus humanitarian. As an historians, he has been defined as one of the top experts of christian church heritage when it comes to Pentecostal plus Charismatic movements. He has been a prolific novelist and writer of Fifty-four publications, like “God’s Generals,” a record about Pentecostal founders that risked their particular existence taking God’s Word to other civilizations around the globe – David Brainerd, David Livingstone, Amy Carmichael plus much more. Also, he also has a assortment of church historical memorabilia which is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest. His collection includes unusual books, movies, photos, singing recordings, in addition to personalized possessions associated with commanders involved with Reformation as well as Pentecostal plus Charismatic movements.
As Christians all of us are called to help individuals in need of assistance – to reach out to additional cultures as well as nations. Roberts Liardon happens to be linked to a lot of relief ventures around the globe, supplying foods, garments plus medical treatment. This man was given distinct worldwide recognition from President George W. Bush with regard to his own non profit work in Orange County, The state of california. Roberts Liardon Ministries helps prepare and also send around 500 missionaries worldwide. Individuals have also crafted numerous credited professional educational facilities intended for Christian ministers and also humanitarian professionals. These people helped begin the 1st AIDS prevention crusade within Nambia, Africa.
Roberts Liardon is the ceo involved with a humanitarian corporation, referred to as Global Compassion. It is a non-profit mission organization doing work in Northern Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Russia, Israel, Guatemala, Jamaica, and also the U.S. Their work features ministries in evangelism, distributing food and also clothes, design, drugs, lasting food, and more.
The word of Lord shows you: Offer a person a fish, and you just feed the man for just a afternoon; show him the way to capture fish, and you simply give food to him or her for a lifetime. The Sustainable Food Production ministry encourages men and women to look after themselves. People construct shadehouses and also teach agriculture to supply a self-sufficient way to obtain food items to people who would not really in any other case have one.
An additional ministry connected with Global Compassion is actually Kids Against Hunger. This unique ministry facilitates foods wrapping functions, allowing community churches the ability to fight being hungry as well as poor nutrition.
Roberts Liardon Ministries is actually developing like minded christ-followers dedicated to instructing the Word of God plus battling the battle against being hungry.

In a time when it is rare, Roberts Liardon does the work of a Christian – helping people find their way to Jesus.