The Unsung Hero Of Your Undergraduate Philosophy Education

Perennialism, Perennialists is the aim of education is to guarantee that students acquire understandings about the excellent suggestions of Western civilization. We hope that the space and time that we share collectively will inspire new concerns and developments in educational philosophy and practice. In order to allow for substantial discussion of each and every paper we have limited the number of papers to be presented. A gathering of students, scholars, teachers and other interested parties who want to discuss Latin American education philosophies and practices. We are what education tends to make us. Education plays a vital function in human life and is constantly guided by certain rules in harmony with certain ideals, values and common of life.

Education with no philosophy is like a traveller who knows the name of the spot exactly where she wishes to go but does not know how to locate the spot and consequently is unable to reach the destination. The chief activity of education is above all to shape man or to guide the evolving dynamism through which man types himself as a man” (Bhatia, 1979).

Education with out values is also empty due to the fact values give direction and firmness to life and they bring to life the crucial dimension of meaning which adds joy, satisfaction and peace to life (Ignacimusth, 2004). This citation tends to make clear that man becomes man through education which is the only signifies to cultivate in man human qualities and characteristics. That is why the writer says that without having education man is a slave or reasoning savage.

Bhatia in 1979 in his book Philosophical and sociological foundations of Education has explained that man is an animal from his passion and from his explanation. Lodge in his book Philosophy and education” explains the nature of education in the broad sense as every point we say, consider, or do, no less than what is mentioned or done to us by other people beings, animate or inanimate. Education has excellent worth in human life because the heart of education is in man- making (Khalid, 1976).

Overall, education develops the innate energy of the human individual from infancy to maturity in such a way that not only can he adjust himself to his environment, but he can also handle and enhance it. Life is a self-renewing method (Dewey, 1966). Education is a mean to transmit values basic values are as crucial to the character of the individual as the foundation is to a developing.