Tenn. Education Department Criticized Over Test Score Alter

If you are hunting for info concerning education, the surfing is over! I then received a letter informing of a telephone interview I did the telephone interview on Tuesday received advantage card on Saturday. The only purpose why any individual cannot find a job in America OTHER THAN because the Democrats are destroying private sector jobs with their endless socialist/Marxists mandates, is since they never want a job. Bonus, we don’t need to have childcare to go do it. I was a staunch Republican, but my card got burned in a fiery glory.

I wonder how well somebody in their division sleeps at night understanding they got a raise in their salary primarily based on how many men and women they denied assist. I just resigned from a job in which men and women thirty years my junior, fresh out of college with no knowledge, have been created my boss, even although I have years of management experience and the exact same level, or a lot more education as effectively. However she would be in a position to reside there till her death if she chose to. He also left her ample credit card debt. Credentials and education mean nothing at all unless we refuse to accept the status quo.

Function circumstances are worse than I have noticed them in my lifetime, even for those who hold complete time jobs with rewards. The longer I worked, the much less willing I was to function the extremely lengthy hours, as management laid off support employees, and loaded professional employees with ever a lot more operate. Undertaking so sends the incorrect message and our existing society and, education and employment troubles reflect that.

Also, the comment that people need to get off their lazy asses and get jobs was not fair, since there are not a lot of jobs obtainable appropriate now, and the older you get the less in a position you are to operate 18 hour days. If you know of any person drawing $80,00 a year on welfare, or eating pricey steaks on food stamps, please report that individual for fraud, due to the fact no 1 can legally do that.

We require to overturn citizens united so the wealthy can not acquire our elections with unlimited funds they do not have to report. Enabling corporations to send income out of the nation which includes jobs is an clear difficulty you can not deny. It appalls & angers me I do not know what, if something, can be accomplished about it. I contacted my DEMOCRATIC Senator’s workplace – his staff was insulting. They don’t even follow the plan for the state-people on meals stamps are supposed to have a decision about how various applications to support them uncover jobs.