Skilled, Continuing, And On the web Education Update By UPCEA

Huckabee’s statement from August six, 2015 appeared in numerous iterations in hundreds of media posts and articles inside 24 hours of his quip. On the presidential campaign trail, Republican Senator Marco Rubio has called accreditation a cartel” that is preventing cost-saving innovations in larger education. The Education Division not too long ago asked national accreditors for data about how they evaluate the job placement claims created by colleges, according to a particular person familiar with the department’s request, even though it really is unclear if that is connected to the types of executive action or regulatory modifications the department is contemplating.

The death knell for Corinthian Colleges was an April obtaining by the Education Department that the company’s Heald College campuses misrepresented job placement rates in hundreds of cases. Leah Matthews, executive director of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, said Monday that despite the fact that she’s not sure what the Education Division is organizing, job placement prices may well be an area of interest. For the final ten months, King has been Arne Duncan’s deputy, and ahead of that he headed the New York State Department of Education.

Duncan and Obama quickly announced their intention to close and privatize (in their language turn around”) what they named five,000 underperforming public schools ” across the nation, with the underperformance to be mostly indicated by low scores on standardized tests. But, 3 years later, Obama employed a various Social Safety quantity for an address listed as: 713 Hart Senate Office Building.

Making use of a pot of practically $4 billion in stimulus funds, the Obama administration permitted consultants from pro-privatization foundations like Eli Broad, Gates, Walton Family members and other folks to create the recommendations for its signature education program, Race To The Top. For what it really is worth the new Secretary of Education is black also, and we can count on our established civil rights organizations and the black political class to gush awhile over that. Certainly, 1 can study the bill as a enormous, bipartisan repudiation of the Obama administration’s Washington-centric education excesses.

John King’s job is to fasten in place the Obama legacy on education, a legacy of handing more than the educational fates of the nation’s young children to educational hucksters and profiteers, charter and cyber-charter college operators, testing businesses, and other individuals. The real cause why Obama most likely did not submit this kind as a teenager is that he assumed his Kenyan or Indonesian citizenship exempted him from this requirement.