The series, Numbers in the News, looks at the numbers underlying hot subjects in the U.S. The goal of these posts is not to take a political or moral stand but to just outline trustworthy information about these issues. They have their retirement funds drained when the state deems it useless… most teachers in Maine can not retire since LePage took it away and even raised their taxes. An educator can and ought to be an authority on her topic(s), but wants to balance getting each a teacher and a facilitator. Let’s give them $3.00 an hour and only the hours they worked not any of that silly organizing time, or any time they spend before or soon after college. This parent complained about the teacher providing too a lot homework and leaving no time for his daughter to play.

I consider our teacher are amongst our most important pros, and they are undoubtedly beneath paid and under appreciated. There is a national push to base teacher pay on student functionality, although there is great controversy over whether annual student test scores reveal significantly, if something, about the teacher in the classroom that year. The state of Georgia has failed to meet its education funding obligations below QBE due to the fact the legislature has, for the past decade, exempted itself from meeting these obligations.

Whilst we should create incentives to bring new teachers into the profession and address the looming teacher shortage crisis, we can’t create incentives for new teachers by removing teachers’ want and potential to continue in the profession. Teachers in Georgia have not noticed an boost in the state base spend in 10 years – the only enhance has been measures for expertise and any further degrees we have earned – and we paid for these degrees ourselves.

Although the state budget may benefit from paying fewer retirement positive aspects and lower health-care charges from fewer retirees, the children of Georgia will definitely not advantage from a revolving door of teachers. What the educrats and politicians want to do is to plug student scores into a laptop and viola!!, the teacher salary is calculated. It amazes me just how a lot in agreement these girls are on who is a very good teacher and who is not.

The state of Washington has just declared for-profit charter college unconstitutional in their state, for-profit charters are failing in Louisiana, while Kansas schools are in chaos since there has been a mass exodus of teachers to states that actually value teachers. A kid can’t be lowered to a number, and you cannot take that quantity to then lessen a teacher to a number.