How to Purchase Stage Ramps

Developing a stage in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) can be a daunting task for public and private organizations holding special events such as graduations, award ceremonies and other performances requiring a stage. Luckily, this has been made easier through the invention of stage ramps, which facilitate the accessibility of performance areas to all kind of people, including wheel chair users. However, stage ramps’ uses are not limited to such public facilities; they are also extremely beneficial in homes, facilitating access to rooms with steps, as well as access to vehicles for wheelchair users. Numerous factors will influence the type of wheelchair you place in your home, such factors include:

The ease of use

If you prefer to have a ramp that is extremely easy to use, you may want to settle for a manual ramp, as opposed to the powered ramp. These ramps will simply require you to properly fit and position them in order to work efficiently. Manual ramps are especially beneficial for people with vans.


If you require to keep moving from one place to another, you are better off investing in portable ramps. Such are ordinarily made of heavy-duty aluminum, which is normally light in weight, facilitating portability, while guaranteeing durability.


If you are looking for an extremely flexible ramp, you may invest in the more expensive powered ramp, which will normally function on the basis of an electric motor. The ramps can be lowered into place with a simple touch of a button, making them relatively efficient and flexible.

Storage facilities

It is essential that you consider where you are going to be placing the ramp before purchasing one. This is especially crucial when you need to transport the ramp with the wheel chair in the back of the car. Different ramps will fold up at varying degrees; it is therefore essential that you estimate the maximum size that you can accommodate before deciding on the kind of ramp to go for.

Stage ramps are becoming very popular, with a wide variety being available in the market. Ramps can be used in a host of different circumstances and for different purposes. If you are looking for an ideal ramp to suit your specific needs, contact Copperloy. They supply a wide range of ramps, including stage ramps at affordable prices. Visit for details.