Graystone Academy Charter School

The founder of a public charter school in the East Bay that gives a comfort zone for Muslim students is under attack in the wake of a state audit that uncovered questionable economic practices, such as lavish payments to her. In a revealing video interview that accompanied the Wall Street Journal op-ed, editorial board member Mary Kissel launches the conversation by declaring that the Obama administration desires laxer discipline standards for minorities in public schools.” Moskowitz does not disagree. The message is, if you decide on to enforce civil rights law when it comes to discipline in Success Academy charter schools, count on an all-out political war. To answer these concerns, I decided to take a look at the information on suspensions from New York City schools, both public and charter. That minority students might come to school with a lot more behavior troubles is not described.

There are three repositories of these information: the Civil Rights Data Collection of the U.S. Education Division the College Report Cards of the New York State Education Department and the college discipline information reports of the NYC Division of Education to the City Council, as essential by New York City’s Student Security Act. To provide the most total image possible of what is taking place in both the Success Academy schools and standard New York City public schools, it was necessary to gather information from a number of different sources. Charter schools in theory represent a belief in innovation, experimentation, and college autonomy.

Let us begin with most recent dataset, for the year 2013-14, which was published late final spring as part of the New York State College Report Cards. According to the state information, in 2013-14, Achievement Academy Charter Schools had a total of 728 suspensions for a suspension price of 11 percent, although the New York City public schools had a total of 9617 suspensions for a suspension rate of 1 %.

As it happens, in the course of the years discussed here, Good results Academy Charter Schools served no higher college students and had really couple of students in middle school – in truth, over 90 percent of their students were in the elementary college grades of K through 5. We do know, nonetheless, that in the 2013-14 college year, seven of the eighteen Good results Academy charter schools (Harlem Achievement I via V, Bed-Stuy Accomplishment I and Bronx Accomplishment I) accounted for practically 90 percent of all suspensions, with suspension prices above the average for all Good results Academy schools. Charter schools accounted for most of the growth, gaining much more than 6,000 students.

While Success Academy is on the extreme finish of the spectrum, the dilemma of excessive suspensions for African-American and Latino students runs deep across the charter school sector in New York City, as the Advocates for Children’s report, Civil Rights Suspended ,” has documented. The challenge posed to Accomplishment Academy and equivalent charter schools by the U.S. Division of Justice and U.S. Division of Education’s guidance on student discipline is critical.