five Word Quotes

For some of the quotes on this page, I have developed a a single page printable poster that you can download for free of charge. The actual answer is to take into account each the curriculum utilised, and the outcomes you hope to obtain – combined with intelligent use of the web so that the very best curriculums that show empirically that they function (generate desired outcomes) can be shared / adapted by teachers from all more than the world (we do not want to hold re-inventing the wheel).

Education either functions as an instrument which is utilized to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the indicates by which men and females deal critically and creatively with reality and uncover how to participate in the transformation of their planet.

Whenever a parent tries to go over the math curriculum with a teacher or administrator, he is told that his (parent’s) education is out of date, that the teacher is applying a new, far better math curriculum which is beyond the understanding of fossils like the parent, and- get this- that the college utilizes the most recent and most beautiful math textbooks!

Folks who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork but just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the reduced pay, the longer hours, the lowered benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to gather it. And, now, they are coming for your Social Safety cash.

By these letters, you can see that we created different futile attempts at communicating our feelings to the method that we only had the best interests in mind for the girls and just wanted to keep them in our household and have a possibility to raise them and really like them in a Christian home, along with our three daughters and give them a future full of possibilities and hopefullness.