Education PortalThe Education Department would like to announce that the Education Portal is prepared to use for fall 2015-2016 enrollment. Although Reich was in a position to prove the existence of orgone energy in laboratory experiments and published his findings in scientific journals his suggestions had been scoffed at and ridiculed by his peers. This excellent illustration exemplifies my idea of what a Duncan Cameron created time portal might have looked like. The tunnel or time portal was described extremely considerably like the stargate animation shown in the common Tv series Stargate, as it twisted and turned surrounded by wormhole like lights and elements.

This is a frequent tactic utilized by The Powers That Be whenever they steal technology from inventors or scientist, they merely publicly term the invention or technologies a failure, hire authorities to write scientific essays on why the technology can’t operate and market it through the Fake Stream Media. As long as the power remained on and no ‘glitches’ occurred during the transmission a portal would stay open on the other end and the robotic sensors could return with their collected data.Education Portal

Nonetheless much of the experiments in time revolved about both World War I and Globe War II. A secondary vortex was also employed in conjunction with the very first that would enable the controllers to beam, by means of sophisticated computer technologies a tv signal into the previous or future that could be viewed by any with the exact same technology. When this occurred a time portal opened back into the past and the USS Eldridge could clearly be seen at the other end.

Preston Nichols and the Supervisor started pulling wires on all the equipment, utilizing an acetylene torch, Preston was capable to cut by way of reside wires and nevertheless the transmitter stayed on. A permanent time portal had been created employing the USS Eldridge and the Montauk Project. The operators panicked and started smashing gear and cutting wires, still the portal remained. Men and women say that War and violence is human nature but I disagree, children have to be taught this sort of behavior.Education Portal

Nothing at all they attempted seemed to work, they ran to the transformer farm above ground and cut all the energy cables leading underground and nonetheless the portal remained. They reduce all the energy cables major from the power station in town to the AF Base, and the lights of the base shut off and even the laptop link-up yet the portal remained open, the power seemed to be increasing. The machine groaned after like a dying beast and stopped, the time portal collapsed and the beast from Duncan’s subconscious mind disappeared, it was over. Think of the implications towards a greater education of not only our history but the history of our whole Universe.