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Secondary EducationJob Summary: This position offers you the opportunity to go on job assignments as a Substitute Teacher or Aide in a childcare facility, Right after College System, Preschool, and/or infant center. In addition, there is a substantial difference amongst becoming a zoologist with an sophisticated degree and functioning as a zookeeper with a two or four-year degree. Although a zoology degree will permit an individual to acquire a basic animal handler position at a zoo, the area for advancement is limited. Moorpark College: America’s Teaching Zoo This two-year plan is extremely demanding, and prepares students for perform as animal handlers in a zoo. Humboldt State: Zoology Main Humboldt State delivers a number of undergraduate biology programs appropriate for budding zoologists.

This highly competitive system demands standard college courses in public speaking, English composition, biology, intermediate algebra, and initial aid, prior to applying. UC Davis: Animal Biology System UC Davis gives an undergraduate Animal Biology degree and graduate degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.). For the undergraduate system, the very first two years are spent in core needs like calculus, biological sciences, and chemistry.

All of the majors (botany, biology, and zoology) are broad sufficient to contain the necessary coursework for future application to an sophisticated degree plan. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical annual salary for a zoologist was $60,670 in 2009. Several zookeeper jobs call for experience with animal handling prior to acquiring a job at a zoo.

Men and women who would like to function for a zoo must preserve in mind that with the low wages coupled with costly student loan repayments, it may be worthwhile to turn out to be a zoologist with an advanced degree and get a research job with the government. Receiving an pricey degree and working for a zoo could not provide adequate revenue to cover the basic expense of living.Secondary EducationSecondary Education

Regardless of the low spend, the provide of applicants is high, which puts downward stress on wages and increases the quantity of coaching and education the employer can demand. Lack of advancement: Even though some zookeepers ultimately advance to management positions, the possibility of upward mobility in this career field is significantly less than that of other jobs requiring college degrees. However, there is no dearth of profession choices that you can opt for with lower education but still make massive bucks. Lower education here is referred to at least a graduation degree, and with experience in the needed field for about 7-ten years to get the desired success.