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The Midland industry area is supported by Oil & Gas, Alternative Energy, and other firms with developing numbers of jobs. The Path to Prosperity report also raises issues about the price of higher education, stating that College expenses have risen at twice the rate of inflation for about thirty years, but this year charges soared eight.3 % – much more than double the inflation rate – as federal subsidies have enhanced at a historic pace.” President Obama asserts repeatedly: We cannot just hold subsidizing skyrocketing tuition” (Strauss, 2012).

In an act of wonderful ideological deception, business leaders and politicians have been in a position to turn our consideration to larger education as the answer to wage stabnation due to the fact they do not want us to appear at some of the genuine causes, like profit hording, de-unionization, monetary speculation, executive spend, regressive taxation, and outsourcing.

The true explanation for most of the college wage premium can thus be explained by outsourcing, globalization, automation, and de-unionization in quick, there are extremely few middle-class jobs obtainable to someone without a college degree, but this has little to do with education rather, in the worldwide race to the bottom, employers have merely sought to increase income by decreasing labor expenses.

Returning to Cassidy’s New Yorker report, what is so striking is that he continues to argue that we actually do not know why workers are not creating more or why college is not top to higher wages: If larger education serves primarily as a sorting mechanism, that may possibly help explain an additional disturbing improvement: the tendency of many college graduates to take jobs that do not require college degrees.

But some thing deeper, and far more lasting, also seems to be happening.” Even though Cassidy makes it seem like it is a giant mystery why there are not sufficient nicely-paying jobs for college graduates, we know the answer concerns a set of governmental policies and employer practices that drive down wages and advantages for every person but the people at the prime.