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Going for Porcelain Tiles for Your Flooring The porcelain tiles are actually a great option for bathroom flooring. There are lots of colors, textures and sizes that you can select from when you choose this kind of flooring. This is also fantastic for your bathrooms, the floors, walls and in commercial settings. The porcelain tiles are more porous, harder and denser and with this, they are more water and stain resistant unlike the ceramic tiles. What is great about such kind of tile is that this great for radiant in-floor heat so that you will toasty feet especially in cool mornings. There are so many great designs offered by the porcelain. These tiles can even look like the natural stone varieties like the limestone and granite. Newer designs are even fashion runway-inspired and there are also those that are inspired by the exotic locals and the surfaces can appear like a fabric, leather or may have animal prints.s When you are interested about using the porcelain tiles, you should know that there are two kinds of porcelain tiles that you will find and they are the glazed and the through-bodied. The varieties of these tiles include the polished, the glazed and the unglazed finish and the glazed is actually the most common variety of porcelain tiles.
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A through-bodied porcelain tile actually means that the color composition and the texture of the tile is uniform in all areas of the tile and not just on the surface. The tiles are made from clay, sand as well as different minerals and they are heated in high temperatures after they are being shaped. You should know that the porcelain tile is quite durable and this is able to endure the freezing temperatures as well. These tiles are actually slip resistant and also chip and scratch resistant unless they have the polished finish.
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This kind of porcelain tile is actually best for the commercial locations since they can withstand heavy foot traffic. You can also be assured that the colors will not fade because there is no glaze and if there is chipping, then the color is uniform underneath and because of this the chip won’t be that noticeable. There are also the glazed porcelain tiles which are created from clay, sand and minerals and they are fired in the kiln and bear the glazed finish. The glaze is tinted comes with the glass-wear layer and offers the tile its final color. When the glaze is polished, then the tile should be sealed after the successful installation in order to make it non-porous. The glaze finish makes the tile resistant to stain and this has many color and texture options. There are many homeowners that are going for the glazed porcelain tiles because they are durable and they come in so many colors and textures.