Effective and Efficient Study Tips


The student’s job is to learn. However, learning can actually be for anyone. For example, a scholar must also study if he wants to take the CPNS test. Or prospective students who want to enter the dream campus must also study in order to pass the selection and be accepted. So, everyone has to learn. It’s just that those who master how to learn effectively and efficiently are able to absorb better learning outcomes. So, what are the effective and efficient learning tips?

Setting goals

The tips for effective and efficient learning can be started by setting goals or targets. For example, your goal of studying is to enter a well-known university in Indonesia. By entering the college, you must have good grades. Therefore, set goals that are as significant as possible to boost your spirits. For example, like in the semester exam, you will aim to get a minimum of 80 for Mathematics. You also have to set goals that can be a motivation if you start to feel like you’re losing interest in learning. Having clear goals helps you stay focused and consistent throughout the learning process.

Try to set the study schedule

The second is to set the study schedule. In this case you must be disciplined in obeying your study hours. For example, from 7 pm to 8 pm you have to study. Don’t forget to rest for 5-10 minutes while you’re studying.

Studying every day is one of the keys so that your learning results are absorbed more into the brain, compared to studying with the overnight speed system. Even if you only spend 20 minutes studying, it’s better than nothing.

The learning atmosphere must be comfortable

For the next effective and efficient way of learning is to create a comfortable learning atmosphere so that you stay focused on learning. Some people are used to a quiet atmosphere and not much disturbance, so they can study in a library or a quiet cafe. However, there is also someone who learns to absorb more quickly if while listening to music. It all depends on you, know yourself and make the learning atmosphere as comfortable as possible.

Make a summary

You must make a summary of your study results. You can write down the main points. It can be points from your study material in a book, such as formulas. It will be easy to understand the essence of the lesson. When you make a summary, you are actually repeating the material that has been obtained. This repetition helps you recall notes more effectively. Try copying notes before a test or exam to help you remember the material better.

Understand not memorize

Some people study wrong on this. Often a person actually memorizes the material instead of understanding it. In fact, simply memorizing lessons will only be effective for exams or short-term time.

Don’t be shy to ask

Another important thing is that you don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand something or are stuck in a science. You learn because you don’t understand, so if you have trouble don’t hesitate to always ask. You can ask your friends, study together or discussion can also make learning more fun.

Never give up

While the last effective and efficient learning tips is to never give up. If you’ve done everything and still haven’t reached the target, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Remember that you will never make it if you don’t make mistakes. So, stay confident and keep trying.