Counting can be easily taught to children, here are the tips

Father and Mother have difficulty teaching children to counting? Relax, how to teach children to count can be done easily. Find out the ways here.

One of the basic skills that is important for a child to have is numeracy. This ability makes it easier for children to understand mathematical concepts that will be taught at school.

So, in order for your little one to learn to count well, fathers and mothers need to know how to teach children to count.

Below are ways to train children to count that fathers and mothers can apply at home.

1. Counting Nearby Objects

According to the Penn State Extension, one way to teach children to counting is to have them count objects around them. This method can be used by fathers and mothers to teach children aged 4-6 years.
Mom and Dad can invite your little one to count the number of cakes on the plate or count the number of boxes of milk left in the refrigerator.
Father and Mother can also ask your little one to calculate the number of objects needed based on the number of residents in the house. For example, “How many glasses do you need to serve juice at home?”

2. Playing Using Fingers

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) advises mothers and fathers to teach children to count through games using their fingers. This method is useful for encouraging children to use their fingers to counting, either in adding or subtracting. Children’s numeracy skills can be honed even more.

3. Counting While Drawing

Fathers and mothers can teach children to count while drawing, you know. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, learning to count through drawing activities can help children understand mathematics better.
In addition, drawing can help fathers and mothers understand the mindset of their little ones, including the question of how far children understand the concept of counting that is being taught.

4. Teach Children to Count in Certain Conditions

There are a number of conditions that allow fathers and mothers to train their little one’s numeracy skills. For example, when you want to unpack groceries at home. Fathers and mothers can take advantage of this condition to invite children to counting.
For example, in a shopping bag there are three boxes of milk. Ask the child to count the number of cartons of milk in the shopping bag.

5. Learn to Count While Reading

If children like to read books, there is nothing wrong with stimulating children’s desire to learn to counting from reading books.
Look for books that you can read with your child to encourage them to enjoy learning to count. Usually, children who like to read books are more enthusiastic about learning new things that are found through reading books.

6. Role Playing

The role-play method or role-playing has many benefits in the learning process of your little one, including in counting.
Examples of role-plays that can be played with children to learn to count are plays as cashiers and buyers. Father or Mother can act as a cashier, while your little one as a buyer.