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How numerous of our students overlook that they have to place in work to discover, not just sit in class. In the wake of the series, which highlighted problems statewide, dozens of desparate parents have contacted the newspaper, saying they had tiny voice in the dependency program. I know from everyone writing to me on this web site about this that it is not an isolated occasion, families are getting there kids/relatives kidnapped by the technique all over the nation!

AB 636 was enacted last year, establishing a method for all counties to set goals to accomplish a distinct plan to improve outcomes for youngsters and households. It was an irresponsible way to do analysis on a technique that is in location to defend the most vulnerable population we have…our kids. The youngsters lose their loved ones heritage and grandparents, and parents also, shed all connections to their heirs. Dr. Shirley Moore is a lengthy-time activist who has been affiliated with the American Family Rights Association (AFRA).

She has a good track record of effecting actual modify in the child protective solutions technique – Per Linda Martin. This hyperlink is to a site about yet another unfortunate family members that was forced to deal with a CPS division that did not care in the least about the youngsters they had been sworn to defend and they lied about the caring loved ones to make them not look credible.

An fascinating lense you ought to check out with other beneficial links to aid you comprehend much more about the evils of the Kid Protective Technique. This is the initial of 3 videos with the Late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer who was the strongest advocate against CPS and the foster care method that I will be placing on this lens for you to watch. This explains far more of why CPS and the system want to kidnap your kids from you!

This video entirely explains why CPS unjustly desires to kidnap your youngsters~it’s all for money. Schaefer was a great, God-fearing American woman who was murdered because of her beliefs about a technique gone extremely wrong that is killing families all more than America. The foster Family Ken and Margret Jones filed a grievance with Division of Social Service to stop his movement. Desperately need to have a forum to talk about Sacramento County Loved ones Court, FCS mediators, and the dreaded and frightening CPS social workers. The federal government keeps providing much more and a lot more income to states beneath the facade of protection re-imbursements.