Why Teach At A Community College?

Great school, but could pay focus to their students and faculty much more with greater funding and making a much better culture and space of intellectual discourse. The glut of qualified teachers signifies that a B. Ed. is becoming far more and much more like a BA in psychology or economics: degrees that give you education in a certain field, but provide no guarantee of employment in it. Worse, a B Ed is generally completed in addition to another undergraduate degree, which means extra years of tuition costs, plus the opportunity cost of what else may have been carried out with the time spent in teacher’s college.

In her new school, Elena’s teacher, Miss Leslie, had developed a wonderland of stimulating possibilities for studying: young children experimenting and investigating in the classroom and the neighborhood, designing and conducting projects, writing and publishing their own tiny stories (1 that my daughter wrote soon after the birth of her little brother was entitled Send Him Back”).

At Teachers College are those who are major the fight for more equitable funding for public schools (and who won a main victory in New York state) there are these who are leading the efforts to develop a lot more thoughtful and creative curriculum and instructional methods and who are developing much more powerful teacher and leadership education and specialist improvement.

Perhaps, amongst the several achievements, there is one very valuable pride that occurred in 1967, at which time, when schools in Portland and Hanover closed due to lack of teachers, students who have graduated from Teachers College Church: Mandeville in voluntarily returned to reopen the schools that have been closed down and gave hope that a brighter future for the community when it was lost due to the closure of the school.

I have in front of me a letter L J Allen wrote to me (c/- 19 Louisa St. Oatley): ‘Dear Rowland, I want to let you know that I have suggested to the Acting Director-Common that, need to you be posted to a school hassle-free to a University, you may be considered for the issue of a Warrant to undertake a University Course.’ Well, I did – I eventually completed an arts degree externally from the University of New England.