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While Sycamore Education already consists of Google functions, an enhanced Google Calendar and new Google Drive functionality have been added. As contribution to the continuing discussion of this critical issue by yourselves, the Education Committee and MLAs as a whole, I am pleased to append a vital statement on Conductive Education in Northern Ireland, with the earnest request that you make this additional offered to the Education Committee and all MLAs. Sensible action in Ireland testifies to continuing parental demand for Conductive Education on the island of Ireland, in spite of every little thing.

I comprehend that the official position on Conductive Education from the Northern Ireland education service is along the lines that this strategy is not required since there are no complaints from parents of children with cerebral palsy who are at mainstream schools with support, specific units and specific schools. Official stonewalling over suitable consideration of Conductive Education solutions exemplifies vested interests’ blocking well-known demand to consider fundamental modifications in the way that issues are presently completed. Already it presents information on seven active Conductive Education blogs, in English, Portuguese and French.

This is an annual Conductive Education ‘summer school’, testifying each to the continuing desire amongst parents north and south of the Border and to the potential fruitfulness of all-Ireland initiatives in cutting across vested interests in each state and charitable sectors in this field. A far more lately incorporated charity, the Sycamore Centre for Conductive Education, is preparing its first Conductive Education summer school, to be held this summer season in Belfast.

Entrenched vested interests in the voluntary sector have worked actively against parents’ trying to establish Conductive Education services and, despite a number of bold initiatives more than the years, only one survives, the Cork Centre for Conductive Education, in Bandon. In Norway the ‘habilitation’ service is run by that country’s health service, and Conductive Education in response to parental demand and generously funded by the state.

Thus, New Zealand, widely acknowledged for the advances of its education service, has effectively established Conductive Education units in main schools in most key cities, run as state-voluntary partnerships, and has opened its first Conductive Education unit in a secondary school. Israel has an substantial variety of public-voluntary Conductive Education solutions that provide a wide variety of solutions for young children from very first identification by means of to young adulthood – most importantly, in close partnership with their parents.