Unions Eye L.A. Charter Schools

The debate about regardless of whether public schools and private schools generate a class program in Australia is often a challenging query to answer. As other folks have reminded us, the Gulenists spend for an account w/PR Newswire which they take complete advantage of for disseminating press releases about their schools. As you can see, what was originally a comparatively easy defense of a charter school evolves into an completely different factor altogether. How handy, something great folks have to say about the college is getting made by an individual from the organization.

I feel if you are looking for negative, you will no doubt find it. There is poor in every single religion, enterprise, school – no matter what it is, if your seeking for it, that is all you will see. No 1 can come here and say this school does this or that, or teaches this or that about the Gulen movement. The administration forgot that a school should not be ran like a MILITARY BOOT CAMP FOR JUVENILE OFFENDERS! I assure there aren’t numerous parents who will maintain their students in this college for a lot more than (1) year.

People are lead to think it is a Great school, but if you were to truly appear are they are not undertaking something various from the public schools the students came from. This school has the prospective to be excellent if it were run on sincere intentions. Either way, my knowledge has been mainly positive, either way next year I will be moving up North and my son attending a diverse college. It is quite fair to say the charter school movement has swept the country by storm.

Americans have a right to know that members of this secretive, cult-like religion are operating these charter schools with their tax dollars. Right here are far more information about the Indiana Gulen charter schools by an individual in Indiana. I really feel that Dr. Unlu need to be referred to as the Director of the school and NOT the principal. Element of the management model seen at this chain of charter schools is producing high teacher turnover.

Yes, he is a quite intelligent man but he is clueless when it comes to dealing with everyday college operations and his very Think turkish accent does not carry more than nicely in an urban environment. As I stated earlier, I am an educator and I am thankful of the freedom I have to take my youngster to a diverse school and not be forced to take him to the school in my neighborhood. Retired with a a single million dollar retirement package and many lost jobs due to spending budget cuts. The socialist thoughts set that government or schools can solve the problem is flawed.