Top U.S. Social Concerns

Son diplôme, certificat ou attestation étranger ainsi que l’attestation d’équivalence, datant de moins de cinq ans au moment où la demande est faite. There is no doubt the US has contributed a massive quantity to the world in terms of technologies, medicine, science and so forth but frankly there seems to be a belief amongst many Americans that it has contributed most of it. This basically is not correct. Additionally American colleges consistently rank very higher in academic rankings of planet universities (Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkley).

There are a lot of several countries with equally robust and balanced democracies and very a few of these I would say are considerably a lot more wholesome in the sense that they are far better balanced with the remainder of the planet. I actually get irritated when folks who have never ever left the United States and know nothing about other nations call the US the greatest country in the globe. I know that were not the greatest nation according to my information Finland is the greatest country in the planet.

Okay guys honestly i hate it when people go on like we did not support europe in the course of globe war 2. We did just before germany declared war on the US. America just did not want to get involved!!!! Greater education in the UK and Italy can be great or terrible depending on the university you attend to (which in turn depends on your private merits, not your wallet), but at least it is inexpensive for most folks. Okay i know you guys are saying that america is the evil of the planet but we are not.

In the US, higher education is not only required for a excellent normal of living, but it is also insanely costly, without having getting greater in terms of high quality than British or Italian larger education. I know we are a very good country and i can not envision living any exactly where else but I think that Canada is a tiny far better then the U.S. I think this because they are nice, caring, multicultural, and considerably much more. Me as an American knows that we are not the ideal i believe canada is greater but nonetheless i enjoy AMERICA!!!!!!!! I don’t consider it is the GREATEST country in the planet I am not confident what nation should hold that title.

In order to obtain financial independence, I worked two jobs for over 25 years, a lot of times 60 to 80 hour weeks, and I saved as considerably as 80-90 % of my net earnings in some years. I try to read as significantly as attainable and am fascinated by planet history and other cultures, as well as this and other blogs. Or our refusal to address the worst environmental disaster of all time, international warming. The mission of Strayer is to supply superb greater education to functioning adult students.