Summertime Boat Ride: Where to Store it for wintertime

It is the end of summer and the sun is setting on the water.  You bring your boat back in from the lake and all the while you are trying to think about where you can store it for the winter.  Letting it sit outside will not do because the ice could damage the paint on it as well as getting stuck in your driveway.  The boat is not big enough to sit in a marina being ties up.   Your garage is not big to hold however many cars there is and this boat that you recently got so you could take your family out on the water.

What is the solution to the problem?

When a garage is not big enough, and leaving it out in the cold is not an option either, check with the local storages in your area.  Some offer the option of being able to store certain type of boats in a storage unit over the winter so that you do not have to worry about it.

One such storage facility is called Fairlake Storage.  It is located in Huffman, Texas.  They have storage units that are big enough for boats and RVs.  The two storage units they offer for boats and RVs is 12 by27, and 12 by 33.

How do you know it is safe?

Always check and see whether or not the place that you are using it has cameras around the premises and how ofte n they are monitored.  It has been known to happen where people will break into storage units in order to get whatever is valuable inside out of the unit and then sell it.  Someone may want to steal your boat, so while you can put a secure lock on the outside, it is always better to take that extra step.

According to Fairlake Storage, they have a 24 hours surveillance camera system in place since the gates are open 24 hours a days, 7 days a week.

What is the bottom line?

While it may seem like a really weird and strange concept, having your boat or RV in a storage unit is your best option.  This winter has been harsh and quite unusual.  If your boat has been sitting outside the garage, you may want to have it checked.  It will probably need repaired in order to even start working, depending upon what type of boat it is, and it will probably break the bank sort of speak to get it repaired.  By having it in a storage facility, you will be able to go and get it out, have it looked over, and know that you and your family will be able to get back to the lake in no time. And while it does cost to have it in a storage facility, it will be cheaper to have it stored then the risk of leaving it outside and having it brave the elements.

For more information on what Fairlake Storage can offer you as far as storage for your boat or RV, visit their website.  It also has on there the rates for renting the units.