Southern Florida Educational Credit Union

The acquiring of naming rights to arenas and sports venues is becoming a regular occurrence within the credit union sector. Unions are for the blue collar guys that did not go to college.I work 6 to 8 months a year make on typical 60,000 a year, ive been a member for three way in hell i would make that outdoors a union.there is a lot of fat folks that appear lazy im not a single of them.u wealthy folk that do not think in unions shut 1% want to maintain the rest of us extremely poor.unions even out the playing field.

I was in a few unions in my time , no union guy out there can inform me distinct that you have union dues , that a certain portion goes to the dems plus ur created to donate a buck or 2 each month for the scum dems , and when u need to have the union to stick up for u , against yet another worker , esp, a inside boy , who`s got his nose up the businesses ass will By no means Aid U as the regional 68 engineers r !

That tells me the ones defending the Union have been lazy from the get go…. I laugh my ass off at all of you attempting to defend the Union, simply because it is really obvious you aren’t wise enough to know you Never know….lol PS. I wish I could talk to all the Union lovers in 10 years when their pensions are broke and they are seeking for one more Union.

I was assaulted by a carpenters union from Los Angeles at my job in Irvine (Orange County Ca.). It was a horrible beating and I believed I was being stabbed as they thrust their picket sign handles in to my side and punched and kicked me. As I pulled myself on to the tractor I was operating they pulled me back to the ground, tearing my shoulder out.

The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) is supporting AISD in a quantity of systemic modify initiatives, such as a grant of more than $1,000,000 to assistance the implementation of SchoolNet, a new curriculum management system inside the District’s integrated technologies framework that permits educators and administrators effortless access the tools they need for practice and choice-producing.