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Secondary EducationSecondary education enables you to develop upon your passion in a particular region of interest as a contributing influence in helping to ensure students are effectively prepared for their future, while serving as a optimistic role model and supporter. This means 12 years for the completion of common education that divides up into six years for primary education (grade 1 to six) and six years for secondary basic education (grade 7 to 12). Secondary education consists of three years every for decrease secondary education (grade 7 to 9) and upper secondary education (grade 10 to 12). This formulation does not contain at least a single year for pre-school education (kindergarten) for young children from three to below 6 years old and universitary education of 4 to five years.

Two other individuals elements of Cambodian educational structure involve non-formal education providing all young children, youth, adult, disabled individuals with literacy and access to life abilities. This enables students that successfully completed grade 12 or grade 9 to pursue teacher certificates at provincial teacher education colleges (for main school teachers) or regional teacher training centers (for reduced secondary college teachers). This site includes teaching specifications, on the internet application, vacancy announcements, and salary schedules.

At the moment, the educational program is run by the Cambodian state, but private education exists at all levels and is run by private sectors. Most private schools providing pre-school education and common education have been operated by the communities of ethnic and religious minority including Chinese, Muslim, French, English and Vietnamese. It contains a practicum choice depending on your future education and career focus.Secondary Education

Private higher education is accessible mostly in the capital of the country, but it is also offered all through the provinces of Cambodia. There is a selection among upper secondary school (lukio, gymnasium ) and vocational school (ammatillinen oppilaitos, yrkesinstitut). Vocational-technical secondary education consists of a 3-year selection of optional courses major to one particular of the 30 or so technical baccalauréats.

The secondary college, identified as Thanawya Amma ( ثانوية عامة ), is a three years system soon after which the student, according to his score in the final year, can join a higher level of education in a university or, when the score is reduce, an institution of education that troubles a degree not equal with the university one. The primary defect of such a system that it depends on the final written Exam to figure out the student’s greater education regardless of any activities. In the United States, far more than 80 % of the secondary-age groups attend secondary school.Secondary Education