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Some of my interests are writing, reading, singing (in the shower), indoor pot planting, scrapbooking, amateur photography, and teaching. FBI: dear Education Dept: we’ll get around to it as quickly as we’re not busy on items like locating this eight year old who is generating new child porn, and tracking a serial killer whose crossed state boundaries and employed a national forest to stash the bodies, stuff like that. The guns are to replace old firearms utilised by Education’s Office of Inspector Common, which is the law enforcement arm of the division. I don’t know all the information of the case, and it seems absurd to use a SWAT group to go right after a student loan violator.

But it really is just achievable that this wasn’t just some person defaulting on students loans, but possibly a gang running a crime ring setting up fake students to apply for loans. I personally don’t feel sunlight can be converted into power, but that kind of progressive/green talk is frequent in the public school program and/or at the Department of Power.

If it genuinely matters, maybe we could commence a new division referred to as ‘The Division of Matter’ for physicists that think that sunlight IS energy, but that may well confuse the Department of Education, which could lead to one more SWAT team. If he nevertheless desires to remove the Department of Education he almost certainly will want to investigate this. Acquiring up old schools that have been mainstays in the neighborhood, like Miami-Jacobs, is a common practice for some of these significant education corporations. According to the Department of Education , at Miami-Jacobs, one hundred% of the students receive federal loans, 91% of the students receive federal grants and 81% obtain state grants.

At Miami-Jacobs, according to the admissions representative job description – available to the public at their web site – they are to attempt to entice” the student into joining and to develop excitement” throughout the tour of the school. It expense her more than $6,000 in federal loans (the federal government a like quantity in grants) and a wasted year of college.

However, legal problems do crop up. For that explanation, a lot of of these for-profit schools also incorporate a clause in the enrollment agreement that the student need to go by means of arbitration rather of the court program if there are legal problems. Corinthian Colleges , 1 of the greatest for-profit education corporations in the nation is continually getting sued My owndaughter attended a Corinthian College named Florida Metropolitan University (FMU) in Pinellas County, Florida.