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These 12 web sites supply an incredible array of totally free lesson plans, unit plans and guided, project-based understanding plans for elementary, middle and higher college students. Among the chattering classes in larger ed, there is an escalating sense that we have reached a tipping point where new interactive web technologies, coupled with widespread access to broadband net service and increased student comfort interacting on the internet, will send on-line education mainstream. Coursera, for example, has formed agreements with Penn, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and the University of Michigan to handle these schools’ forays into on the web education.

On the non-profit side, MIT has been the nation’s leader in pioneering open-supply on the web education by way of its MITx platform, which launched final December and serves as the basis for the new edX platform. The arrival of credentials, backed by respected universities, eliminates a single of the last remaining obstacles to the widespread adoption of low-cost on-line education. Wise universities must be investing in on the web technologies and positioning themselves as leaders in the new frontier of open-source education.

Anant Agarwal, an MIT pc science professor and edX’s initial president, told the Los Angeles Times, MIT’s and Harvard’s mission is to provide cost-effective education to anyone who wants it.” That is a quite distinct mission than elite schools like Harvard and MIT have had for most of their existence. But Agarwal’s statement is an indication that, at some level, these institutions recognize that the scalability and economic efficiency of on-line education enable for a new sort of mission for elite universities.

Along with luxury dorms and dining halls, vast athletic facilities, state of the art game rooms, theaters and student centers have come layers of employees and non-teaching administrators, all of which drives up the cost of the college degree with no enhancing student learning. The era of online education presents universities with a conflict of interests—the purpose of educating the public on a single hand, and the purpose of creating cash on the other.

At a time when numerous public universities are facing stiff budget cuts and families are struggling to pay for their kids’ educations, open-source on the internet education appears like a promising way to reduce expenses and increase the high quality of instruction. The most significant obstacle to the speedy adoption of low-price, open-source education in America is that numerous of the stakeholders make a extremely handsome living off the system as is. In 2009, 36 college presidents created a lot more than $1 million. MOOCs will also be a fantastic remedy to the increasing need to have for continuing education.