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The American Center for Law & Justice, a legal advocacy group for conservative Christian causes, is sending open records request letters to all Tennessee school districts for data on teaching Islam, reports The Tennessean. Statistics and test scores abound in the education arena and there is no far more politicized study in the US than that which addresses education concerns. Nevertheless, without having getting into the politics of NCLB and the states rights problems (which you know I never help) that brought about the current stupidity of each and every state having a different set of requirements.

Even the most zealous promoters of a national test have begun to query the utility of some parts of such a test and have retreated to supporting tests that address Math and Science only (see the extensive perform of Dr. Diane Ravitch former deputy secretary of education under Ronald Reagan, of NYU, on this topic). In 4th grade reading Tennessee showed a 27% boost in the quantity proficient or above although the US showed an 11% increase.

The NAEP in Tennessee shows improvement in 4th grade reading and math at a rate larger than that in the US. 4th grade % Proficient or Above on NAEP in Math improved by 211% among 1992 and 2005 whilst the US as a complete only 94% increase in the % proficient and above. We believe Tennessee is at best keeping pace with Southern states, and keeping pace just isn’t adequate.

The shift is subtle and occurs steadily.” Robert Glaser and the National Academy of Education, In Lamar Alexander and H. Thomas James The Nation’s Report Card: Enhancing the Assessment of Student Achievement, 1987. The issue we see with so much study into education these days is that it seems that the organizations know what they believe and then they drive the study to help it. At times, it just feels impossible to get the unvarnished details. Like you, we know it’s a mixed bag, but we take a big step by our own Department of Education officials shooting straight with us.

Once again, we just feel the governor needs to come to grips with the reality that the rhetoric of the Department of Education does not match up with the outcomes of the Division, and that some thing has to adjust. I was born and raised in this state and i consider that our education program and scoring compared to other states in the nation is horrible. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam mentioned he was disappointed that 60 nearby-level school superintendents across Tennessee have signed on to a letter asking Haslam to ease off on education reforms getting implemented by state Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman.