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The UFT sent the VP of middle schools, Rich Mantell, and two teachers from Renewal schools extolling the virtues of the system, even though a single of the teachers at a college in District 9 admitted to Dromm she nonetheless had classes of 30 – with numerous high wants students, such as homeless children from shelters. In addition, the auditors could find no proof that DOE had ever straight communicated to principals the state regulations on phys ed, identified that many schools had no gym teachers or gyms, and the DOE had not filed the necessary physical education plan with the state considering that 1982! And now we have the DOE’s answer, even when it comes to the city school system’s violation of state law concerning our children’s health and education: do not blame us! If someone is fired, there’s weeping and crying and gnashing of teeth….they will have lost their 60,00.00 to 100,00 dollars plus jobs and be part of the unemployed.

Right after cutting school funding sharply in recent years, Governor Cuomo has threatened to hold any boost in state help hostage to an arsenal of damaging education proposals, which could severely threaten the top quality and local autonomy of NYC public schools. Anything or somebody on the other side of the phone is more essential than education.

Teachers who received one particular ineffective rating in five years- primarily based solely on the unreliable value-added test scores -could not be granted tenure, no matter what the principal or the Superintendent wanted, and any teacher rated ineffective two years in a row could lose their jobs. August 12, 2015: News Corp announces its intention to sell Amplify as quickly as purchasers can be discovered.

They are among 32 teachers and administrators who settled situations of alleged misconduct with the New York State Education Department’s Test Safety Unit in the previous two years, according to files obtained below the Freedom of Details Law. Speak up, document your speech (tape and e mail), and when charged, hire a person who will fight for your rights below 3020-a (two)(a) – probable cause -, Just Result in, New York State Special Education Law, 75-B, and all of the other laws and rules you can submit to defend your rights.

Substitute Paraprofessionals are paid at the contractual price of $132.22 (as of January 2015), for the actual days worked they do not obtain any positive aspects. Following a principal has completed the on the internet nomination, an e mail will be sent to the nominee with instructions on accessing and finishing the on the web application kind for the Substitute Paraprofessional position. In so doing, their members must push for maximum transparency and accountability in the use of education funds.