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Bertrand Russell was a 20th Century English philosopher and mathematician, who is often regarded the most important figure in the development of the 20th century school of believed referred to as analytic philosophy.” Russell was a vehement critic of idealism, particularly Hegel, and of Nietzsche’s pluralistic views of philosophy alternatively emphasizing a philosophy that was concerned with the epistemological issues of science and linguistic communication. In this chapter the idea that the belief of the educator influences their method to education can be discovered. A Biblical philosophy of life and education, as nicely as a Christian worldview, is essential for Christian education. In the very first portion of the initial section of Foundations of Christian School Education, an Introduction to Philosophy, we also see that the foundation of a Christian college education is the truth of Jesus Christ and His Word. I wouldnt agree with that, all the sciences and medicine sprang from philosophy.

The value of this solid foundation of Christian education cannot be over emphasized. Even though numerous Christians resist the concept of philosophy and see it as contrary to scripture, taking Colossians two:eight out of context, it is invaluable to create and preserve a Christian Philosophy of education. As Christian educators we ought to also be concerned with discipline, as it is a part of overall Christian discipleship and the educational method of growth and transformation. Education is component of God’s redemptive strategy and God invites us into this excellent perform as teachers.

It is in Him that education has meaning and purpose and learning takes spot holistically. Greene goes on to define the goal of Christian education, The true objective of Christian education is to prepare young people for a full life under the lordship of Jesus Christ.” This definition of the objective of Christian education is as excellent as any. Robbie loves Jesus, loved ones, ministry, the excellent outdoors, writing poetry and writing about theology, discipleship and leadership. The education method that prevailed for the duration of the Vedic times had some unique traits.

The education method of Vedic period has exclusive characteristics and qualities which were not located in the ancient education technique of any other country of the world. For the duration of Vedic period, most of the upper castes, which have been either Brahmins or Kshatriyas had their education in a unique technique known as GURUKULAM. Students had their education by living with their preceptors in forests far removed from cities, towns or villages.

There had been legendary acharyas like Sanandeepani and Dronacharya who taught epic heroes like Krishna and Arjuna martial expertise, but what tends to make the Vedic period distinctive is the existence of sages like Gautama and Jaimini who were founder of diverse schools of Indian philosophy like Nyaya and Purva Mimamsa. The primary aim of ancient education was instilling into the minds, of pupils a spirit of becoming pious and religious for glory of God and excellent of man. The Guru in the ancient times realized that the development of character is the sole aim of education. Industrial education and Mathematics education is also one of the chief characteristics of vedic period.