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It has been a couple of months given that we checked technologies center sites and tracked theedu trend. SandRidge Power partners with a number of schools on the Northeast side of Oklahoma City to bring mentoring applications exactly where they take students to Thunder games, sit-down restaurants, and even camping adventures. The YMCA brings in personnel from different companies to teach students life abilities and individual duty by means of assisting them design and run their personal firms. The folks of Oklahoma care about the future of our youth, but we also require men and women who will dedicate everyday of their lives to getting leaders in classrooms across the state.

Oklahoma not only is trailing most states in fourth-grade reading scores, but when compared with one particular state’s students its benefits appear even worse, according to a new study released yesterday by the Foundation for Educational Option, the Oklahoma Company & Education Coalition, and the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. The study, Reforms With Outcomes: What Oklahoma Can Understand from Florida’s K-12 Education Revolution , compares the educational gains produced by Florida students over the past 10 years with the progress of Oklahoma students. In 1998, Oklahoma students outscored Florida students, on average, by 13 points on NAEP’s fourth-grade reading exam.

Examining data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress’s (NAEP) fourth-grade reading test, the study finds that Florida, and 35 other states, are outperforming Oklahoma. In addition, Florida’s Hispanic students, who for years were lagging in academic overall performance, are now scoring higher than the typical of all Oklahoma students on NAEP’s fourth-grade reading exam. In 2009, however, on the very same test, Florida students scored 9 points greater than Oklahoma students, virtually a grade level ahead according to NAEP. Charter schools often give a safer, better option to classic public schools.

Price tag is referring to many recent reforms such as an alternative teacher certification path that will enlarge the prospective pool of high quality teachers in Oklahoma, which the legislature enacted in 2009. In addition, the state improved its charter college law and produced a private school decision plan in 2010—the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities System —for students with special needs. Nevertheless, according to the study, Oklahoma’s state testing, college option possibilities, and accountability measures nonetheless need to be strengthened. SQ 744 would trigger severe harm to the state of Oklahoma, says a new analysis by a liberal policy analyst.

In a lengthy news report this week on the CapitolBeatOK website, Patrick B. McGuigan (also senior editor for The City Sentinel) reported on this summer’s Youth Leadership Forum, hosted by the state Developmental Disabilities Council. Charter schools also destroy private schools, reduce educational alternatives, pull private-college students into the government education system and thereby add substantial new fees to taxpayers.