OK Education Division Releases A

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister has indicated she has no self-assurance in the validity or reliability of the report cards in their current framework. Other Oklahoma City metro-area districts to advantage from the recalculations incorporate Moore Public Schools, which will acquire $250,000. He stated criticism is far more than warranted in light of the districts’ apparent continued violation of state law and mistreatment of specific-needs children. I’ve got news for them: Get used to it. Oklahoma citizens will no longer stand by although wealthy college bureaucrats abuse their energy. The scholarships come from the quantity of cash currently designated for the education of those children.

Numerous months ago, the Jenks and Union school boards voted to sue the state lawyer common to challenge the successful Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities System Act. Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships allow a student with a disability (such as Down syndrome or Autism) who has an individualized education program (IEP) to acquire state-funded scholarships to attend a private school that parents believe can greater serve their youngster.

Oklahoma is regarded a national leader in early childhood understanding, with the largest quantity of four-year olds per capita enrolled in voluntary pre-kindergarten classes in the nation. High quality early childhood education has been shown to boost social and cognitive readiness for kindergartners and to bolster student efficiency. My number one particular priority as governor is to make Oklahoma a much more prosperous state with much more great, high paying jobs,” Fallin said.

Barresi said that investing in early childhood education would ultimately pay huge dividends for the state. The application for the ELC grant is due on October 19. Although the Oklahoma Department of Education will play a lead part, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Wellness and the Division of Commerce will each and every assist in developing the application. Reading with your young children is a fun, family activity that assists young learners develop the language skills they want to succeed in kindergarten and throughout their complete college career. The scholarships are funded with cash already designated for the child’s education.

I applaud Attain Out and Study Oklahoma and I encourage all parents to spend as a lot time as they can reading with their young children,” Fallin said. Reach Out and Read Oklahoma is a nonprofit organization that promotes early childhood literacy and encourages families to read collectively to help the youngster construct simple language expertise that will prepare them to understand how to study ahead of they attain kindergarten.