NYC Rubber Room Reporter And ATR CONNECT

The Edwin C. Litchfield of Brooklyn, NY bought a full a single third of all the land among the canal and what is now Prospect Park. Reading between the lines, maybe what happened is that Worrell-Breeden was plugged into the energy structure at the Division of Education and a person at the D..E. lined up the job for her. That’s much more palatable to me than the idea that the men and women at the Division of Education and Teachers College believed it was a good notion to hire a liar/cheat/thief as a school principal.

1 issue I observed in college, whilst studying to be a teacher, was that the academic abilities of these in the education plan tended to be on the low side (on typical) compared to other applications. As far as I have been in a position to figure out, there has been an attack on public education across the USA and the level of irrationality in education reform’ is worthy of the Tea Celebration on magic mushrooms. For years, we have been grasping at straws and lacking the necessary sources to achieve the state’s expectations of success.

I don’t see how the principal’s suicide undermines the point that Teachers College and the Division of Education need to not be hiring a principal who has a record of lying, cheating, and stealing. I’m saying that it’s scandalous that the Dept of Education and Teachers College hired her as principal in 2010 and 2011 provided her record of lying, cheating, and stealing.

Participants, including New York State Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes and Buffalo City Councilman David Rivera, took portion in the event that also endorsed the work of Lafayette’s former Principal Naomi Cerre, who has lately been removed from her position by the Board of Education. For that reason, the elected officials and groups, including the Alliance for Good quality Education, Citizen Action of New York, the Buffalo PTO and PUSH Buffalo, think that Lafayette should not be deemed an Out of Time” school with the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

These achievements at Lafayette High School have occurred in spite of the consistent challenges that the majority members of the Board of Education have placed on the students and the employees. I am more than 55 years of age – and it has become apparent that employers want to employ youngster for any jobs out there (not that there are several jobs obtainable).