NJ Left Behind

National Center For Education StatisticsEven though not a lot of people know of its existence, it is nonetheless the only dependable supply of historical information on American education. Last week, Phoenix announced a partnership with the Odessa Chambliss Good quality of Life Fund to provide access to nursing education and help make certain the future of top quality healthcare. According to the Florida Center for Nursing, 12,563 (or 44 percent) of certified applicants had been turned away from Florida’s public and private nursing schools last year. The center projects that the state’s nursing shortage could swell to 18,419 by 2010 and 52,209 by 2020 if this trend continues.National Center For Education Statistics

For the past two years, its students scored a 100 % passing price on the national licensure examination. Once once more, nursing students earned a 100 percent pass rate on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Just more than a year ago, a nursing student submitted a complaint to the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC). Students received two chances to achieve 75 % on the exam, which was made to predict good results on the national licensure test, prior to being kicked out of the FAMU nursing system. If you are student and you believed receiving into college was the actual challenge.National Center For Education Statistics

None of Florida’s other public universities required students to pass such a faculty-produced exit test as a prerequisite for graduation. Demand for new nurses in Florida is anticipated to grow by nearly 1 quarter or much more than 36,000 new jobs by 2014. The national reading test that the government proudly touts, is in truth an 8th grade reading exam.

National projections predict a need for a lot more than 1.2 million new and replacement registered nurses inside the subsequent six years. And the Federal Education Division is projecting it will take an average 4 year college student eight years to full their research in another three years from now. Generating us put on uniforms won’t adjust our behavior and it cannot maintain us safe either.

Numerous of these drop outs left college since of the difficulties they knowledgeable with college level reading comprehension. Today’s blog focus is on US education program and the increasing tide of students living in poverty and that whites and minorities make up a little more than half of the student physique population in America’s college system. And, as such they are much less probably to have assistance at property, are significantly less frequently exposed to enriching activities outdoors of school, and are more probably to drop out and never attend college. This is illustrated in the accompanying graphic below from their 2014 Condition of Education report.