New York Regents Challenge Governor’s Educational Deform Agenda

Every single education concern in the press put out by New York’s Mayor, his administrative stooges or Yellow Journalist puppets is fallacious, misleading and corrupt. In normal school systems and in the NYC DOE ahead of rotation of ATRs started in 2011, schools had teachers offer their assistant principals with timely lesson plans that fit in with the sequence of topics in the calendar of lessons that teachers had with classes. Yesterday, Public Advocate Letitia James and Class Size Matters filed papers in court, requesting to intervene in a lawsuit in which the Division of Education is arguing that College Leadership Teams are not subject to Open Meetings Law due to the fact they have only advisory powers.

In 2008, when then-Chancellor Klein rewrote the regulation on SLTs and tried to strip them of their powers, Class Size Matters helped Marie Pollicino, then a member of the Neighborhood Education Council in District 26, file a complaint with the State Education Commissioner. School Leadership Teams are much more than advisory— they are critical to the college governance structure, even though the Division of Education asserts that they are not topic to our State’s Open Meetings Law.

In his choice , Education Commissioner Mills ordered the Chancellor to rewrite the regulation, due to the fact it strips the SLT of this fundamental, statutorily mandated authority” to create the school’s Extensive Education Program, which contains the fundamental objectives of every school and the roadmap for reaching them. Recently, the Mayor was discovered to have violated this law by the Unique Commissioner of Investigation, when he held a closed meeting with union groups at a Brooklyn public college.

The Commissioner forced the Chancellor to rewrite the regulations to recognize the SLT’s energy to generate the school’s Complete Education Plan, and this authority was clearly established in the 2010 state governance law. We do not need another group of company leaders and those politically connected trying to muddle by means of education policy.

NYLPI is proud to help defend the public’s proper to know about decisions made at School Leadership Team meetings, and to guarantee that the Division of Education totally complies with New York’s open government laws,” mentioned Mark Ladov, employees lawyer for New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. We must know far better as a lot of detail from the USDOE statement from yesterday is recycled from education reform groups so there truly is practically nothing new here. The corporate reformers, state education bureaucrats and numerous politicians are running scared.