Just Bought an Old House

Mitch and I just bought an old house, but the value of the house was really low and mostly what we paid for was the seven and two thirds acres of land which sat around the house. The house has been sitting vacant for a couple of decades based on what I have been told. It is rather poor condition cosmetically, but it would probably be a huge task to take it down. You would have to replace a lot of things like orange county shutters, windows and the porches just to get a start on renovating the place. However it would probably be a hugely difficult to take the structure down. The place was not built lightly like houses are now. Instead it is made with a framework of full sized timbers. These are about a foot square and they mortised together so that they are not going to come apart without a huge amount of force. We have not really decided whether or not we want to take on the job of renovating a house this old. We only bought the place because the land was relatively inexpensive and our original plan was to tear the house down. It is not really big enough nor it is properly designed for modern life. There are not any closets in the house, apparently when this house was built closets were not really included. However it would be so expensive to wreck the place, that we are really thinking about what would be involved in the task of renovating this old farmhouse. In fact the basic structure of the place is as solid as a rock. Even after standing unused for so long there is nothing wrong with it. It needs a new roof of course, but there has not been much water in the house so far.