Is Computer Programming A Good Career?

In recent years, technology has completely transformed our lives to make them accessible. It has given us so many facilities which we could have never imagined. Simultaneously, the advent of technology has enhanced our living standards and brought revolutionary changes in the development field. Followed by the Third Industrial Revolution, which marked the beginning of digital transformation, automation, and the invention of the Internet, the central idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is industrial automation.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the IT industry focused on making devices smaller and more intelligent. Cloud computing, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and advanced robotics are great examples of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The IT industry is collaborating with OT operations to drive business-level decisions. Technology has consistently been giving a new dimension to the development of the world. Therefore, studying for a diploma in computer programming can give you a big leg up in starting your career in the IT industry. Furthermore, prospective computer programmers require a diploma in computer programming to enter the occupation.

Occupational Outlook for computer programmers

Computer programmers are in high demand to write, modify, and test code and scripts for computer software and applications. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 9,600 job openings for computer programmers are expected each year over the decade. Additionally, job growth and salary for computer programmers are higher than the average of other professionals.

Computer Programming

The average income of computer programmers

IT giants, such as Amazon, Meta, Netflix, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, offer competitive pay packages to computer programmers. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a computer programmer in Canada is CAD 69,321 per year. Possessing a broad set of skills in data structures, SQL, databases, algorithms, cloud computing, web development, containers, text editors, and object-oriented programming languages can dramatically boost the marketability of computer programming experts.

Before opting for a diploma in computer programming, let’s discuss an overview of the course thoroughly to help you make a well-informed decision for your career.

Diploma in computer programming: An overview

A diploma in computer programming is a two-year course that deals with developing websites, the latest software, and mobile phone applications. The two-year diploma course covers operating system and application programs, computer center management, database management systems, communications for project development, wireless communication, client-server web solutions, and statistics for computer programmers.

The course focuses on equipping a wide range of skills, such as programming languages, an understanding of algorithms, technical specialization, problem-solving skills, analytical ability, creativity, teamwork, and effective communication. Studying computer programming diploma opens the door to numerous job opportunities that pay well, such as Computer and Information Research Scientist, Information Systems Manager, Software Developer, Data Analyst, Forensic Computer Analyst, Software Engineer, and Application Developer.

Over to you

Interested students can apply for the course in top Canadian institutes. These institutions offer cutting-edge curricula to prepare you to land jobs in leading tech giants. So, apply for the course now!

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