Important Facts About Stage Ramps

Most routine life events, including weddings, funerals, graduation ceremonies, performances and award ceremonies are held in assembly areas, and access to the performance area is an integral part of the ceremony. Such events will also often require the audience’s participation. It is therefore imperative that the performance area be accessible to all the people present, including wheelchair users. This is where stage ramps come in handy, to connect the performance area to the wheel chair seating area.

Benefits of stage ramps

  • Stage ramps allow equipment and people easy access to the stage.
  • The typical stage ramp will be portable and easy to set up.
  • The systems are easy to install and conveniently light in weight, with most having a single component weighing not more than 100 pounds.

Factors to consider when purchasing a stage ramp

  • Where the ramp is to be used: Ramps are used in a variety of circumstances, including placing them at an entrance to overcome steps, mounting a kerb or even loading a wheelchair or scooter to a vehicle among other uses. Ensure to select a ramp that will fit your intended use; for instance, ramps intended for facilitating entrance to a public facility should be designed to accommodate a variety of users, in which case a permanent ramping solution will be more appropriate as compared to portable ramps. On the other hand, ramps required for outdoor use when you are out and about should be compact and lightweight to facilitate portability.
  • The frequency of use: If you are shopping for a ramp that is intended for frequent use, you may want to settle for a permanent ramping solution. A permanent ramp will often be safer and easier to use, while allowing you to avoid the hassle of unfolding and positioning the ramp before use.

The importance of providing a direct access to stages for wheelchair users cannot be overstated, especially in programs operated by public entities. It is therefore crucial that such entities make the necessary alterations by investing in quality stage ramps to facilitate accessibility. If you are in need of a reliable stage ramp, contact Copperloy for durable, safe and high quality stage ramps that will give you maximum value for your money. Visit for details.