Important Factors Behind Studying English For Academic Purposes

English is a global language and is used rigorously in many parts of the world for various purposes. Be it in academic or professional sectors, the English language is an inevitable part of today. But the English used in these sectors differs from what we use in our daily communication.

This is where studying English for academic purposes benefits you. This short-term program prepares both natives and non-natives of English to excel in the use of academic language. Overall, completing an academic English program helps you in learning the various nuances of the English language and excel in both academic and professional sectors.

This article will present the reasons why you should study English for academic purposes and how it will benefit you in the long run.

What is English for academic purposes?

The English we use in academic writings, texts and various professional work varies from our normal verbal English. The major difference is academic English is more formal and well-structured than the other.

Students who are non-native of English often find it difficult to comprehend academic lessons taught in professional English. It might even be a bit difficult for natives whose style of usage varies from what is incorporated in academic texts, journals, research papers, etc.

So, English for academic purposes is a program started in various higher education institutions to help students learn the basics of academic English. This way, they can understand academic content and perform better in their professional fields too.

English For Academic Purposes

What are the reasons behind studying English for academic purposes?

Having a firm grip on academic English boosts your opportunities in higher education and the professional sector. Studying English for academic purposes improvises your writing, verbal, and critical thinking skills and helps you take various lessons with ease. It also helps widen your networks which benefits your personal and professional growth in the long run.

The main factor behind studying English for academic purposes is that it widens your knowledge of the language and enables you to apply to any higher education institution of your interest without any hindrance. If you do not know academic English, it will be difficult for you to get into reputed universities. But doing this study program wipes away that obstacle and lets you pursue your dream course.

Apart from better prospects in education, it also improves your chances in the professional sector. With a thorough understanding of professional language, you can crack any job interviews and start your dream career. In a way, it helps in your professional growth by increasing your confidence and allowing you to take up responsibilities at work.

Building new networks through effective verbal communication and exploring the wide genre of literary works are also the perks of studying English for academic purposes. All of this helps you develop your personality and are stepping stone to a successful career.

If you are someone looking to improve your academic English, then why wait? Enroll in English for academic purpose program today.

Anita Lindquist is the Head of Curriculum in a Secondary School in Stockholm. She is an advocate for excellence in public education and passionate about learning and teaching methodologies.