Illinois State Board Of Education Asks For Bus Income

The board sets educational policies and recommendations for public and private schools, preschool through grade 12, as properly as vocational education. Administrators get paid for unused trip the rest of us peons who do their jobs do not. Nonetheless our concern is Will you be able to lead this Board (numerous whom are inexperienced) and insure the public that no hidden agenda’s or backroom deals” be produced. You nor any other Board Member whom allows this District to take a step back into the past. I was hopeful when the new board members came in that Popp would be kept in verify and we’d finally get some accountability from admin.

I was hopeful when teachers rallied in solidarity to crush the insulting contract and to demand the curriculum we require to do our job and teach our students. The board already failed to uphold their promises and corruption and backroom deals are business as usual. The issue is the new board is a few rookies becoming misled by a board president who is like a bull in a china shop. The state need to have taken more than a couple of years ago, but that is another failure by the subsequent level of government. Our Board is a disappointment and I regret voting for a couple of them, I believed would be a lot more accountable.

They make a promise to do greater next time, submit it to the state and they are off the hook of accountability for educating the students to the minimum degree of meeting the requirements. I consider the new board asks many queries and they are trying to understand the district. Glotzbach, She has no encounter in education and she was accountable for a lot of several mistakes.

That is correct Mr Padron the board can ill afford to become a rubber stamp, but that what it seems like. I am not prepared to give up on them even so some need to have to recognize rubber stamping Popp decisions will have them labeled like the old board extremely quickly. Some have expressed views to the board but are nevertheless obtaining intimidated and bullied by administration.

I have not heard a point considering that college has let out concerning contract negotiations. They can talk about with the other board members what they think ought to be accomplished but if the other individuals do not want it nothing at all will occur. Till we have assistance employees negoicating for help employees, teachers from the HS as effectively as middle college negotiating for themselves we will loss our rights and SOULD NOT vote for the contract.